Love Sick

I was planning on posting about my Valentine's Day on the couch with a pup and a heart shaped pizza, but plans change. The boyfriend surprised me with mmmm.... Olive Garden. One of my many food addictions. Unfortunately, the wait was longer than they were open, and we couldn't get through calling (for over 30 mintes!) to reserve a table! Apparently, I'm not the only one with an Olive Garden fetish, yeesh.... so we ended up getting it to-go, with a movie rental and bottle of cabernet. perfection... and we still ended up on the couch.

{ etsy love }
How cute is this card from Fooka Designs?
I gave this to Kev, with all of the applicable boxes checked and a pen. He checked "yes".
Mini 'Wood You Be Mine' card made by me! Paper Pumpkin Shop
Cutest heart stud earrings and faux pearl bobbies made by Ben and Oliver that Kev gave me with my roses!

{ my wishlist }
Vintage Rose Swarovski Earrings from Shy Siren
Polka Dot Heart Dish from JDWolfe Pottery
Tiny Bow Headband from Mixbaby

Things to Make & Share :: Heart Day

{ etsy love }

Love Song Paper Strips :: ormolu
Lovey Dovey Love Me Garland :: corrie berry pie
Love Itty Bitty Buttons :: Tessa Ann
Ledger Craft Notebook :: bubbo
Bakers Twine :: the loveliest
I Love You Wood Stationary Set :: Palomas Nest
Heartsy Garland :: LvNChic
Vintage 1971 Road Atlas Punched Circles :: buppins

Window Shopping :: Heart Day

I love something about Valentine's Day. We're planning on avoiding restaurants, since it falls on a Saturday this year, so maybe a heart shaped chicken finger pizza? Yes, the pizza shop around the corner makes them every heart day. We almost got one last year, but this year I'm thinking it's a definite, with a nice bottle of wine curled up to watch a movie? Needless to say, I won't be going out in vintage shoes and a one-of-a-kind skirt... but I can still window shop, right?

{Lovely etsy finds for your heart day escapades,
love filled mishaps and romantic travels}

Red Lucite Butterfly Earrings :: Wild Feather Beads
je voudrais necklace :: oh, hello friend shoppe
Clasp Clutch Purse With Domestic Bliss :: Jennifer Ladd
Glowing Heart Bangle :: Belladonna Jewels
Recycled Skirt :: Little Overcoat
Reusable Oilcloth Sandwich/Snack Bag Trio :: Rick Rack Queen
I Heart You Greeting Card :: Art Mind
Cherry Red Ballet Slipper Flats :: Miscusi

Saturday Afternoon

I love buttons!It's an obsession with colorful things in glass jars, I suppose. If you can relate, you'll love this picture. My boyfriend on the other hand was not so pleased to find the kitchen overrun with buttons when he got home... My mom came over yesterday afternoon to eat pizza and make stuff. You'll see lots of new button stack embellishments in our Paper Shop soon! I finally finished my lockets, it was a fun process and I'm happy with how they turned out. I'll be listing them in my etsy shop this evening. They have such a vintage glam feeling...

How can you say "No" to that face?! If her Kevin was home, she wouldn't even try it, but apparently she thinks she's in charge when it's just us. I have to go now, if those buttons aren't gone when Kevin gets home from work in 20 minutes....!

Lovely Surprise!

What a fun morning! I had some packages that I hadn't opened yet, and one I just couldn't because it was too cute! I bought some Hello Kitty origami paper from Kawaii Stationary and I'm planning on making bubble magnets with some of it- every sheet is too cute! I feel like a five year old trapped in my adult body sometimes... I still have tons of Hello Kitty stuff from the 1980's... even teeny tiny bubble gum!

In the next package was three huge lavender sachets, made with lovely vintage fabrics, from Espanolita. The scent of lavender was filling the kitchen before I even opened the package.

Last, some really cool vintage lockets- still wrapped in old newspaper. I'm antiquing them and attaching gorgeous Swarovski crystal filigree to the front. Matching rings, too! I've had this idea in my head for weeks now, but I didn't have all of the supplies and then last week was so crazy- I'm hoping to list some new items in my etsy shop tonight & tomorrow.... I'll post some photos of the new creations here, too! I can't wait! Oh, and the Sade actually let me take her picture this morning... she looks like she's posing....

The love of my life... and Kevin

How dare I torture her with kisses! Look at that face...

She always gets the guy!