Things To Make & Share :: Back to School

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Things to Love :: Lovely Packages

The adorable Danni from oh, hello friend blog has organized the most wonderful thing... a lovely package exchange! I am so excited to participate and wanted to share this collage that she made :: Isn't it inspiring? I want to go pack up & send sweet nothings to everyone I know now! I'll be posting photos of my lovely packages once they are sent & received! ♥ Mia

And even more fun, Danni is hosting a giveaway from one of my favorite etsy shops! Jessica Jane, the super sweet gal behind Petite House, has designed a happy little dwelling just for the occasion... Please stop by and enter. Or don't, so I have a better shot...! Either way, there is a lovely interview with Jessica, too! xo -Mia

I Love You, Blog :: Please Take Me Back...

Hello lovelies! I'm back and will be posting regularly! I'm excited to have some new plans for regular columns that will be appearing weekly on my blog:
  • "Things to Make & Share" will feature inspirational vintage goodies, supplies for your own diy projects, and cute handmade finds from etsy!
  • "♥ Inspiration" will give you an inspiration board for weddings, or perhaps just a romantic evening for two.!
  • "Favorite Things" Pretty self explanatory! I'll be sharing the etsy shops that I adore!
  • "Window Shopping" will feature decor themes, as well as ensembles for anything from a night on the town to a day at the beach!
  • "Welcome" I'll be introducing up & coming designers and fresh etsy shops just starting out!
In addition, I will continue to do interviews as well as periodic giveaways, and of course the occasional random musings of Mia! Hope you'll join me! xo