New Year, New Mia, New Look

 Just a little look at what I've been up to lately, and what's in store for Love, Mia Shop this year... Yes, that's right I changed updated my shop name, much like I changed updated my wedding venue 6 weeks before I was supposed to get married, but that's a story for another day.  Who could resist a gorgeous farm setting?  So I am married now, officially a Mia of a new last name.  Not according to my license, but I have the photos to prove it.  We also just bought a house (bit of a fixer upper) so I'm sure you'll be getting updates on all the DIY projects and renovations we have in store, it's definitely going to be a Martha inspired palette.

With the new shop name also comes a fresh new look for 2012, on the blog & in the shop.  It's time for spring and judging by the new pieces I've been listing this week I have a bad case of spring fever (granted Buffalo has been pretty green, but I want the fresh-air-coming-in-the-open-windows kind of spring!)- add a touch of vintage bohemian charm- voila! the new collection is here.... ♥

I'll be posting more from our wedding, some of the good old fashioned diy-ing we took on and of course more photos!  If you'd like to stay updated on what's new in the Love, Mia Shop you can 'like' my new facebook page and be entered to win a ring, hair pin, pearl or post earrings! Love, Mia