Etsy Finds :: Pretty in Pink

I am very excited to introduce a new shop to you, Baboush! The shop owner, Greta, will be featured on my blog here in my new series on fresh etsy designers... in the meantime, here are some pretty in pink finds for you to enjoy! xo

{Pretty in Pink} Inspired by :: Baboush

...Clockwise, from Top Left...
Couture Ruffle Vintage Inspired Tube Top :: New Fashioned Whispers
For The Love Of White Fine Art Photograph :: Kristybee
Crocheted Earrings White and Black :: Baboush
For Love Fine Art Photograph :: yvetteinufio
Vintage Cotton Candy Pink Cutout Pumps :: Dear Golden Vintage
Morchella in Vanilla :: morelle
Dew Drop Ring :: OneStoneNewYork
Vintage Kitten Heels with Bow :: Vanille Vintage
Share My Heart Necklace :: oh hello friend
Deer Polaroid :: feaverish
1950s Vintage High Waist Mini Skirt :: Ramona West
A Woman's Heart Fine Art Photograph :: yvetteinufio

The winner of my spring cleaning giveaway is the lovely 'PearlSwirl'... yay! Happy Spring! I'll be contacting you shortly...

{ The Dress }

It found me. No, I am not engaged... if you read my bio, I am 'engaged to be engaged' and have no problem keeping things that way for now. No rush, no hoopla, I've always wanted a very small, intimate wedding... no bridal party, although the Sade will have a mini tiara... definitely outdoors, maybe even barefoot on a beach? So this past week, my "Smoke" earrings were featured on two bridal blogs, Snippet & Ink and {grey} likes weddings, where you can enter to win your own pair by clicking on the photo of my earrings.

I spent some time looking around the blogs, and other blogs that they linked to since I am new to the wonderful world of blogging and came across the dress. I've never looked at any wedding dress, or been at a wedding and thought to myself "Oh hey, that could be me one day!" or "That dress looks like it would be fun to wear all day!". Haha, but really... it's just not me. Apparently I just hadn't found the right dress.

{Etsy Accessories}
Mercy Divine Hair Accessory :: Lulusplendor
Champagne Pearl Earrings :: EVYDesigns

Up Next: Spring Cleaning Giveaway Winner, Etsy Finds, Window Shopping & TWO NEW etsy designer features! Happy Weekend! xo

Summer Love :: Hurry, Please

Wonderful day. Wonderful week. I'm finally feeling better (had a cold last week!) and things are just good. I don't think I've been in such a good mood in a year, and I'm generally a happy- maybe even an overally happy, enthusiastic, and chatty- person. Anyways, I found my wedding dress... there's more about that to come later... and not only did I score U2 tickets for the show in Chicago, but I also got Phish tickets today. The shows were selling out in minutes, so we were lucky. There's nothing like a summer concert, just don't get me started on the cell phones replacing lighters, or the people who try to record the entire concert by holding their phone or camera in the air... haha...
Last summer we saw Tom Petty (again!) and had super close seats right in the center. The other times I was back in the lawn, and as much as I usually enjoy it, there was a crazy thunderstorm during this last concert. Between the rain hitting the pavilion, the thunder and the noise of the crowd, the energy was amazing... everyone in the lawn was soaked. I was happy to be dry, I've had my share of concert rain. Ruined my favorite white shirt at an Ani concert that way- I had just died my hair red, and reds like to run... Back to the story: The lights and audio stopped a couple of times, and at one point we thought they were going to have to end the show, but they came back and put on a damn good performance.
For Phish, we have lawn seats which always proves to be an interesting experience... for any of you who have been to a Phish show, you know exactly what I mean. I was lucky enough to see them in Coventry, Vermont at their 'last' festival. The concert grounds flooded and we ended up camping on the thruway for almost 48 hours hoping we'd make it in. We did.
In September, we're flying to Chicago to see U2 and we're also going to see them play in Toronto (one night just isn't enough). They're playing stadiums for this tour so even though we might not be as close, the energy from the crowd will make for an amazing performance. I really can't wait. I've been waiting for summer all winter, and now I just want fall! xo

Things to Make & Share :: Robin's Egg

I love the smell of spring... it energizes me. I opened all of the windows today and got to work on my etsy photos, custom orders, and finally started organizing the office and craft room (the attic is another story). Here are a few lovely spring etsy finds for you to enjoy! Happy Spring! xo

{ Things to Make & Share :: Robin's Egg }

Summer Butterfly Confetti :: ormolu
Romantic Desk Accessories Set :: nothing elegant
Small Scandinavian Folk Art Pouch Set :: simbiosis by julia
Fleur de Lis Vintage Wallpaper Notecards :: Paper Hill
Robins Egg Nesting Bowls :: Alina Hayes
Petite Market Bag in Ivory Art Deco :: anny and me
tiny deer card :: backbone
Vintage Etienne Aigner Loafer Flats :: Allen Company Inc

Spring Cleaning Giveaway :: Fresh Look

My blog is getting a makeover soon! The lovely Sara of Sassy Cat Graphics is helping me design a whole new look to match the gorgeous new stickers she made for my packaging and my new banners from Thompson Designs. I always loved my old (the 'original') Mia Beads banner and logo design, but with all of the sprucing up I've been doing in my shop, it's time for a change.

Here's one of my newest pieces, I just love this locket... and the photo. I guess I wasn't the only one either, it sold within a couple hours of listing it in my shop yesterday.

So, now for the good stuff...

{Spring Cleaning}
I've been going through my supplies (what a job! It is a disaster area right now!) and listing things I'm not currently using in my new supply shop. As hard as it is to part with my little treasuries, I am giving away an overflowing goodie bag of supplies to one lucky winner!

To enter, check out Beads Anonymous and then leave a comment with your favorite item(s) back here on my blog. (You can also convo me on etsy if you prefer). Be sure to include your email or etsy username so that I can contact you if you win! I'll be randomly choosing a winner from the comments, and I promise you- the prize is delightful! Lockets, flower beads, caps, earwires, a good mix of just about everything! xo

Update: Congrats to our winner, PearlSwirl!

Window Shopping :: Chirp

maize ring stack in maps and text :: foundling
Hanging Wood Chalkboard :: Rowans Room
De Colores Ring :: Souly Yours
Where The Birds Hang Pillow :: Olive
Hummingbird Necklace :: corrieberrypie
Daisy Yellow Hairpins :: New Fashioned Whispers
Spring Ring Catcher :: five trees
Eleven Orbits Ring Set :: Meetalls

Hello Spring. . . Meet Elsie, Audrey & Cate

Remember the sparkling rhinestones, trinkets, hearts and bows you just adored as a little girl? Well they're here for you again. . .
. . . all grown up this time!

I've been listing new pretties in my etsy shop all week- and not only do I still have a ton more to list, but I've had boxes of fun, new supplies coming in daily! My spring line features pastel colors and simple designs featuring little trinkets and lots of sparkle. Lots of vintage, and even gold. I've never offered gold in my shop before, so I was a little nervous, but it's been selling well. You might have also noticed my photos are brighter... since I bought my new camera I've been brainstorming new display ideas and finally decided to let go of my dark, colored backgrounds (oh, how I adored my polka dots and flowery papers) and try something new. I found some neat vintage style linen one day while I was out and I've been loving it- ledger papers, french text, and bright white light to let my jewelry stand out, while still having character in my photos. AND, though I was prepared for a few slower months, things have been pretty busy thanks to the blushing brides clearing me out of pearls and crystals! I listed my new limited edition "Audrey" necklace last night, and only have 2 left today! They'll be adorning bridesmaids in a spring wedding. I also got a large wholesale order from a great little shop in Brooklyn, NY- The owner is so sweet and I think she'll be keeping me busy! Yay for spring! Hope you like my new pretties and please check back for more lovelies soon! xo

Maybe his luck is rubbing off on me...

I haven't posted in a bit, but there wasn't been all that much going on. Just business as usual... and I got summoned for jury duty. Of course, after I put my summons in a very safe place I couldn't find it. After calling every court imaginable and having them all tell me that I'm not in their system, I'm a little worried about getting arrested for failure to perform my civic duty! So today, I'm making orders in the attic and I need some of my new supplies... guess what's tucked safely in with my vintage charms and lockets? That's right.... and it's dated today. Thankfully, my number wasn't chosen yet so I won't be doing any jail time- what luck!
So my Dad is really one of the luckiest people. Not lottery-winning luck, but the stuff that counts and makes life fun. Last week he left for NYC, where he got tickets to the Letterman show (airing tonight, March 2nd)... and guess who's performing?! U2. Bono. Now, I've had a crush on Bono since I was 3 years old. I played their "Rattle & Hum" VHS over and over and over like most kid's do with their Disney movies... and yes, I quoted some choice Bono phrases at that age as well. I went to my first U2 concert when I was 14, and then dragged my Dad up to Canada with me for another where we waited in line for 13 hours in the freezing cold but made it to the front of the "heart" where Bono walked out on peoples' hands and sang right in front of us. I should find the pictures I took- they're amazing. SO, guess who didn't take me to see Bono today?! haha, I think he actually did feel bad (even though we'll be seeing them again soon on their upcoming tour, hopefully more than once!) so he went to the Hard Rock and bought me the new shirt Bono designed. The proceeds go to charity and the shirt reads "Fish Can Fly..." with Bono's signature. SO, before the Letterman taping this afternoon, my Dad waited along the side of the building with some other fans and photogrpahers- my shirt in hand. An SUV pulls up and Adam Clayton walks in, then the Edge... and then Bono's SUV pulls up. He gets out and signs a few autographs, talks to fans, and my Dad shouts "Bono! Can you sign my fish can fly shirt?!" Bono turns around and says "Who has a fish can fly shirt?", "I do!", and Bono walks over. My Dad tells him "My daughter, Mia, has had a crush on you since she was three. She's 22 now". Bono replies, "That's progress"... haha. He signed the shirt "Fish can fly, Mia -Bono". Can you tell I'm excited?!?!?! Almost time to watch their performance. If you love U2's music, good, and if you don't... I hope to see you at one of their concerts soon. It will change your mind. My Dad's flying home tomorrow, so I'll post a photo of 'my' shirt this week! xo