Welcome :: Pink Buffalo & Giveaway

The second in my { welcome } series featuring fresh, new etsy designers is Kelly of Pink Buffalo Jewelry. In addition to designing all sorts of fun baubles & glitz for us, Kelly also teaches elementary music during the day and still finds time to run a second etsy shop featuring her photography! I met Kelly when we worked together at 'Bead Creative' and she is so full of energy and love for life and those around her. Hope you enjoy her story... AND, she is giving away a pair of sweet earrings to one lucky winner. Here's Kelly in her own words...

I'm a true Buffalonian in every sense of the word: I was born and raised here, I don the 'Cheektowaga accent', I never start my day without a cup of coffee from Tim Hortons and I tell everyone when out of town that I'm from Buffalo... AND, I just recently went to my first ever Sabres hockey game. I love my hometown.
I'm a 26 year old elementary school music teacher, and I really do love my job - all parts of it (even tying shoes 8 billion times a
day, giving hugs and high fives 10 billion times, and saying things like "make good choices" and "keep your hands and feet to yourself" at least 12 dozen times an hour). I live in a busy household with two roommates: one who is a nursing student and has been my best friend for 20 years, and another friend I met while in college who is now preparing for law school. We also share the space with a really fat, spoiled cat and a dog who I swear has attention issues. It's a lot of people in a little space, but we make it work and the truth is, at the end of the day, I'm happy to be surrounded by busy-ness and people.

What inspires you? I wish I could say that music inspires me, since I'm a music teacher. Music motivates me to work harder and work faster, but it doesn't usually give me any kind of creative spark. People and life experiences, on the other hand, are the driving forces behind my pieces. There are certain colors I use to represent certain people in my life, and there are people who influence me to use certain mediums or techniques simply through their own creations and friendly conversation. If it weren't for you, Mia, I probably wouldn't be appreciating raw brass as much I do now! And I'm also using a lot of copper these days. When you first hired me, remember what a sterling snob I was at first? You've helped me to evolve. So, yeah. Talking with other people and the ways they touch my life....that's definitely my inspiration. (Side Note from Mia: I'll admit I used to be a sterling snob, too...)

Why do you create? What is your favorite part of creating? Hmmm...I'm really drawn to color and patterns. I think that's the biggest similarity in my photography and in my jewelry. I love things that are rich in color and make bold statements, and I design things that wouldn't necessarily be a perfect fit for myself, but for a variety of tastes in other people, as well. I like to make other people happy. :)

What is your favorite part of owning your own business? I like that I get to do things on my own terms. Since I'm a school music teacher as my main profession, my Etsy businesses are more of a hobby than a job. I get to dictate the terms of when I create new pieces, when I photograph them, when I post new listings/renew current ones, and when/how I promote. I don't have to be as hard on myself when something doesn't get done right away. Sometimes, I'm a good little worker bee and other times, I'm lazier than your average couch potato, but I don't beat myself up over leaving my work area idle for a few days. If I ever get to that point, I'll know that it's time to take a break from it all and remember why it was that I got into these interest areas in the first place: for the love of art...not to make a buck or two. Getting paid is just one tiny perk of this profession.

What are your other hobbies/interests? I enjoy singing in languages I don't actually know how to speak in during regular conversation and I play the guitar (really poorly) and piano (not so poorly). Other than Etsy and my musical life, I like to go bowling, play poker and spend time with my dog and my very patient and loving boyfriend. He never questions my new, crazy crafting ideas and he fully supports my intense bead and vintage camera collection habits. Oh, and I'm also (very) addicted to reality tv. That's so embarrassing to admit!

Kelly's Faves:
Color: Pink :)
Music: This is what's on my iPod right now (and I do listen to all of it): Debussy, Lily Allen, Lady Gaga, Abba, Katy Perry, Eva Cassidy, Feist, Lupe Fiasco, M.I.A, Over the Rhine, Regina Spektor, Rilo Kiley, Scissor Sisters, The Ting Tings, and Tom Waits
Etsy Shops: ooo, this is a hard one! I have a ton! Okay, obviously Mia's shop and all of her faithful subsidiaries, nuts4candy (this woman is fantastic!!! EVERYTHING is good, but try her oreo bon bons! Oh, so so good and hands down one of the best sellers on Etsy), e2ssupplies and artfulmarket both have really good supplies, and EarthArt has the best 'birds on a wire' paintings.
Websites: My flickr, PerezHilton.com (I'm a sucker for celebrity gossip), pogo.com, and google.com (I tell my students that if I don't have the answers, Google does. That's because Google knows everything.)
Item in your Jewelry Shop right now: my 'Bella' paper flower necklace
Item in your Photography Shop right now: My 'Tutu' print

How To Enter:

  • 2pts: Hop on over to Kelly's Shop and post a comment with your favorite item! (If you aren't 'blog savvy' feel free to message me with your entry!) Make sure you include your etsy username or email with your entry!

Earn Additional Entries: (Post a comment to let me know you've earned these... as many as you'd like!)

Things to Make & Share :: Paper'n'Stitch

This months exhibition at Paper'n'Stitch has just opened, and I've set up shop! We'll see how it goes, I really like the layout. It reminds me of etsy's clean, simple layout and the fresh colors are perfect for spring. I've been incredibly busy with wedding jewelry for brides and bridal parties this past month, in addition to my new wholesale clients, and I want to keep the momentum going! I opted to use a photo of one of my lovely etsy customers, Tiffany, of MidnightMochi on her wedding day as my shop image in hopes of attracting more blushing brides! Here are a few of my favorite fellow Paper'n'Stitch shops... Happy Monday! xo

Absolutely loving her unique, colorful wall decals for children; All handmade (of course!) in Australia. Wouldn't you have loved to be able to play dress up, or build a friendly forest, on your walls?!

Lilac Moon

...and how cool is Sarah's orange wall...?!

Studio Fuller
...yet another reason to be oh-so-jealous of someone else's wall...!

Visit me on Paper'n'Stitch here: Mia Beads

{ Missing you }

Like a shooting star...

...I'll never forget you... xo...

Window Shopping :: Pampered Pooch

It's spring break and we're a doggie hotel over here! OK, just one guest... but it's been entertainment for sure! Our poor guest, Charlie, is still a little apprehensive around Sadie. She's an only child, and spoiled rotten at that... (Did I mention how cute she is though?)... Hopefully she'll learn to share before Chuck heads home but either way we'll miss the little guy!

I've been eyeing these oh-so-sweet flower collars from PecanPiePuppies for awhile now. I always worry that Sadie will destroy anything that cute, but you can tell they are very well made and the shop states that "These collars are made to stand up to your messy and mischievous puppy" and can be thrown in the wash! Also loving the gorgeous floral fabrics used by APieceOfCraft in their pet mats and squeaker toys, and the hand sewn puppy tanks from DesignsByOne. And if you like to keep your decor modern and fresh while pampering your four legged friend, BumbleBellyDesigns' pillows and leash organizers & these simple outdoor pet beds from LoveBarklee are the way to go.

Currently, Sadie's sporting the "Happy Magic Forest" Collar from TheModDog. I love their designs, very bright & cheery not to mention incredibly durable. When Sadie thinks she's out hunting, I know I don't have to worry about a broken buckle or torn seem. She also has the thermal polka dot hoodie from Gilesk, although now that the snow is finally melted we may have to put it away until Fall... it is 'so' cute on her, especially the little hood... I'm going to miss it! There are so many adorable, well made and affordable options for pets on etsy; Collars, leashes, dishes, treats, toys, clothing, soaps, beds & items for owners and the home, too! I especially like the organic dog treats and shampoos, and I'm looking for an excuse to buy the Paris themed dog bowl. Tres chic? Oui!

Still on our {Pampered Pooch} Wishlist...
Handpainted Pet Bowls :: ParisChicBoutique
Paw Print Key Wristlet :: CardinalHouse
Personalized Leather Collar :: DogGoneNice
Personalized Pet Lover Necklace :: westbyron
Pupcake Cupcake Leash :: CodysCreations
Red Flowered Collar :: CulturedCanine
Paw Spa Dog Shampoo Bar :: ThePinkSink
Pink Flowers Leather Dog Collar and Leash Set :: TheCoolPuppy
Petite Pup Heart Treats :: SweetDogOrganics
Good Doggy Pendant :: LaVieIllustree

Etsy Love :: Bunny Love

I could never decide if the Easter Bunny was scary or cute... of course I love the little bunnies you see hopping around the yard, though! One spring we rescued a baby bunny that a neighborhood cat had found. He fit in the palm of my hand... so soft and adorable. Enjoy these cute cotton tails! Happy Easter! xo

Carnival Bunny Vintage Figurine :: fruitflypie
Bunnies Print :: TheSecretNest
Growing Up Print :: CreativeThursday
Bunny Rabbit Top :: rainbowswirlz

Inspiration :: Ruffles & Lace

I love everything sweet & girly, and of course when you throw in aqua, beads, vintage keys and lovely shoes... it doesn't get much better than that! Hope you find these just as lovely and inspiring as I do. Happy creating. xo

{ Favorite Things }
Valerie Earrings :: eliwill
White Paper Lace :: brookerpie
Eiffel Tower Blues Necklace :: beadsandpieces
Vintage Party Dress :: theluckybutton

Chaumont Sleeveless Linen Dress in Sand :: tortillagirl
Mint Green Oval Frame Pouch With Silver Beads :: oktak
Tulip in Vanilla Purse :: morelle
Bow Necklace :: pookeh
Great Expectations Necklace :: mylavaliere
Vintage Cream Leather Mary Janes :: DearGoldenVintage

Welcome :: Baboush

As promised, a fresh new etsy shop... Please welcome Baboush! Greta is the girl behind Baboush and not only is she talented, she is a lovely, charming & sweet girl at that... enjoy!

My name is Greta, I'm 28 and I'm the girl behind "Baboush". I live in Italy in a small town on the beautiful and blue Garda lake (North-East of Italy)..here in my house I create everything you see in my shop. I'm a handmade-addict and I love to make many things with my own two hands: jewelry,sewing,drawing,crochet..My other big love is to recycle and repurpose things that already exist and have their own story and give them a new life..I put all of these passions together and created my little shop on Etsy, to see if other people liked my creations and findings...

What inspires you?
Everything can inspire me: a movie, the lake, talking with people, a song, my cats, a flower, a city...usually inspiration comes when I'm not thinking about inspiration! Sometimes it's a problem because if I have a new idea I must leave everything and run to my laboratory and make-make-make...

Why do you create? What is your favorite part of creating?
I love every part of the creative process: I love going to flea markets to find hidden objects, I love collect them, sew-paint-recycle them and transform them into something beautiful, new and wearable. I love making necklaces mixing many different elements, I love to wear my creations, to photograph them, to sell them..I even love to see my creations hanging on the walls of my really messy "laboratoire"!

What is your favorite part of owning your own business, or selling your creations?
I just started this new experience of selling on-line, but I can say that my favourite part of the business is to translate what I love to do into a job, and to feel free to express myself through the items I sell..they are all pieces of me!

When you aren't creating, what can we find you doing? (Although if you are like me, you probably create and work most of the time for fun!)
It's funny because all of my hobbies and interest are now part of "Baboush"..create-sew-draw-jewelry are my favourite activities. I also love to hang out with my friends, eat good food, drink good wine, swim and read.

Greta's Favorites:
Music: Rock-and-roll and raggae music!! I adore David Bowie, Ben Harper, Pearl Jam, Bob Marley, Janis Joplin, Italian singer Vinicio Capossela...the list is really too long!!
Color: At the moment I am in love with white and yellow.
Food: I'm a good italian girl and I love pizza!! I'm vegetarian so I love vegetables and italian cheese. I drink too much espresso coffee and I love good red wine.
Travel: Hampi(India), London, Berlin, Rome, Venice, Madrid, Amsterdam, Bangkok, Paris.
Season: I love when the weather changes from hot to cold and viceversa, so I prefer autumn and spring!
Etsy shop: Too many to say! I love vintage clothes, furniture and photography shops. A few of my favourites at the moment are: Drawflowers, Skinny Swallow, CorrieBerry Pie, SoftSpoken, Rose LaBiche, and Calexandra... but there are many, many more...

Thank you for sharing, Greta! Your story is so inspiring, and I just may have to join you in beautiful Italy one of these days! xo

April :: Fools in Love

Today makes 4 whole 'official' years for Kev and I... Happy Anniversary, Babe! xo

So, check out what the etsy mud team did to celebrate... they've toilet papered their showcase and treasury! How fun is that?! I was expecting something from etsy themselves, last year they put up a featured seller called "watchman" who sold knock off watches on the streets of Brooklyn...
It worked too, quite a few people came in to the forums steaming about how obviously non-handmade his shop was. Next thing you knew, everyone was buying from his 'shop' and posting negative feedbacks. All in good fun, of course! Happy April Fools Day! I have to run... only 7 hours to finish boobie trapping the house before Kev get's home. What do you think, cereal all over the floor? Unscrew the lightbulbs? Nothing like crunching around in the dark...