Love Sick

I was planning on posting about my Valentine's Day on the couch with a pup and a heart shaped pizza, but plans change. The boyfriend surprised me with mmmm.... Olive Garden. One of my many food addictions. Unfortunately, the wait was longer than they were open, and we couldn't get through calling (for over 30 mintes!) to reserve a table! Apparently, I'm not the only one with an Olive Garden fetish, yeesh.... so we ended up getting it to-go, with a movie rental and bottle of cabernet. perfection... and we still ended up on the couch.

{ etsy love }
How cute is this card from Fooka Designs?
I gave this to Kev, with all of the applicable boxes checked and a pen. He checked "yes".
Mini 'Wood You Be Mine' card made by me! Paper Pumpkin Shop
Cutest heart stud earrings and faux pearl bobbies made by Ben and Oliver that Kev gave me with my roses!

{ my wishlist }
Vintage Rose Swarovski Earrings from Shy Siren
Polka Dot Heart Dish from JDWolfe Pottery
Tiny Bow Headband from Mixbaby

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Pres. Kathy said...

SOunds like a fun Valentine's day!