Hello Spring. . . Meet Elsie, Audrey & Cate

Remember the sparkling rhinestones, trinkets, hearts and bows you just adored as a little girl? Well they're here for you again. . .
. . . all grown up this time!

I've been listing new pretties in my etsy shop all week- and not only do I still have a ton more to list, but I've had boxes of fun, new supplies coming in daily! My spring line features pastel colors and simple designs featuring little trinkets and lots of sparkle. Lots of vintage, and even gold. I've never offered gold in my shop before, so I was a little nervous, but it's been selling well. You might have also noticed my photos are brighter... since I bought my new camera I've been brainstorming new display ideas and finally decided to let go of my dark, colored backgrounds (oh, how I adored my polka dots and flowery papers) and try something new. I found some neat vintage style linen one day while I was out and I've been loving it- ledger papers, french text, and bright white light to let my jewelry stand out, while still having character in my photos. AND, though I was prepared for a few slower months, things have been pretty busy thanks to the blushing brides clearing me out of pearls and crystals! I listed my new limited edition "Audrey" necklace last night, and only have 2 left today! They'll be adorning bridesmaids in a spring wedding. I also got a large wholesale order from a great little shop in Brooklyn, NY- The owner is so sweet and I think she'll be keeping me busy! Yay for spring! Hope you like my new pretties and please check back for more lovelies soon! xo

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Pres. Kathy said...

Your designs are beautiful! I love the pictures!