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As promised, a fresh new etsy shop... Please welcome Baboush! Greta is the girl behind Baboush and not only is she talented, she is a lovely, charming & sweet girl at that... enjoy!

My name is Greta, I'm 28 and I'm the girl behind "Baboush". I live in Italy in a small town on the beautiful and blue Garda lake (North-East of Italy)..here in my house I create everything you see in my shop. I'm a handmade-addict and I love to make many things with my own two hands: jewelry,sewing,drawing,crochet..My other big love is to recycle and repurpose things that already exist and have their own story and give them a new life..I put all of these passions together and created my little shop on Etsy, to see if other people liked my creations and findings...

What inspires you?
Everything can inspire me: a movie, the lake, talking with people, a song, my cats, a flower, a city...usually inspiration comes when I'm not thinking about inspiration! Sometimes it's a problem because if I have a new idea I must leave everything and run to my laboratory and make-make-make...

Why do you create? What is your favorite part of creating?
I love every part of the creative process: I love going to flea markets to find hidden objects, I love collect them, sew-paint-recycle them and transform them into something beautiful, new and wearable. I love making necklaces mixing many different elements, I love to wear my creations, to photograph them, to sell them..I even love to see my creations hanging on the walls of my really messy "laboratoire"!

What is your favorite part of owning your own business, or selling your creations?
I just started this new experience of selling on-line, but I can say that my favourite part of the business is to translate what I love to do into a job, and to feel free to express myself through the items I sell..they are all pieces of me!

When you aren't creating, what can we find you doing? (Although if you are like me, you probably create and work most of the time for fun!)
It's funny because all of my hobbies and interest are now part of "Baboush"..create-sew-draw-jewelry are my favourite activities. I also love to hang out with my friends, eat good food, drink good wine, swim and read.

Greta's Favorites:
Music: Rock-and-roll and raggae music!! I adore David Bowie, Ben Harper, Pearl Jam, Bob Marley, Janis Joplin, Italian singer Vinicio Capossela...the list is really too long!!
Color: At the moment I am in love with white and yellow.
Food: I'm a good italian girl and I love pizza!! I'm vegetarian so I love vegetables and italian cheese. I drink too much espresso coffee and I love good red wine.
Travel: Hampi(India), London, Berlin, Rome, Venice, Madrid, Amsterdam, Bangkok, Paris.
Season: I love when the weather changes from hot to cold and viceversa, so I prefer autumn and spring!
Etsy shop: Too many to say! I love vintage clothes, furniture and photography shops. A few of my favourites at the moment are: Drawflowers, Skinny Swallow, CorrieBerry Pie, SoftSpoken, Rose LaBiche, and Calexandra... but there are many, many more...

Thank you for sharing, Greta! Your story is so inspiring, and I just may have to join you in beautiful Italy one of these days! xo


pearlswirl said...

This is so exciting! I love learning more about the individual people behind shops! And I love her style. Thanks!!

Mia said...

Isn't her shop lovely!? I want everything!!

Pres. Kathy said...

What a great shop! Thanks for sharing!

PaperPumpkin said...

Beautiful, creative girl...lovely shop! ~K