Lovely :: Thank you, Friend

The lovely Lory of The Sunshine Studio, has nominated my humble little blog for a "One Lovely Blog" Award! Perfect timing to motivate me as I've been thinking of how to better my blog and provide more inspiration and lovely etsy finds for those who stop by! Thank you so much, Lory... now, here my nominees....


TheGlassOnion said...

Your blog deserves the nomination, it's fabulous! Thanks for thinking of me, Mia. Cheers, Gina

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I just came to your blog, to see what's new, and found this! Thank you so much!!

oh, hello friend. said...

hello friend!!!

oh, so sweet of you to nominate me!
i am honored. and so glad you are blogging, i absolutely love it! hope you've been well!