Things to Make & Share :: Faux Bois

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Love it or hate it? I'm lovin' it! ♥
I just bought a wood grain stamp and I am super excited to start making gift tags, embellishments and stickers & such! If you're feeling inspired too, check out My Imaginary Boyfriend's
"Make Your Own Log Kit" for some woodsy diy fun!


Deepa said...

I love shabby vintage mom's store! I have my eye on her little noticeboards, very nice. I like faux bois!

Mia said...

I finally bought one of her boards; the exact one pictured in the photo actually! I ♥ it!

PaperPumpkin said...

I think I'm in Faux Bois heaven...time to list my purple faux bois notebooks, too! I LOVE your feature!

Anonymous said...

Mia, I really love the way your blog is coming together. Keep it up girl! ♥

Mia said...

Thanks Mooney! xo :)