Things To Make & Share :: Summer Flowers

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It is finally getting chilly, so this is my last little tribute to summer!
About to head to Chicago for the weekend, to see U2 in concert, and just found out that Renegade is in Chicago this weekend, too... and only a few blocks from where we are staying! I'm excited to meet some etsy folks and I'll be posting photos once I get back... along with my lovely package exchange spread! Happy Weekend! ♥ Mia


PonderandStitch said...

Hey, I'll be at Renegade- yay!!! (I'll be buying, not selling)- but it's always SO fun! :)

Mia said...

Oh, really!! Maybe I will see you there! ;)

I am buying, too! hehe ♥

lola said...

pretty selection!

have fun and happy shopping! :)

PaperPumpkin said...

Take lots of pictures (& notes!) and tell me everything!!! xo

Anonymous said...

This collection is so beautiful, I love all the poppy colors!