Summer Love :: Hurry, Please

Wonderful day. Wonderful week. I'm finally feeling better (had a cold last week!) and things are just good. I don't think I've been in such a good mood in a year, and I'm generally a happy- maybe even an overally happy, enthusiastic, and chatty- person. Anyways, I found my wedding dress... there's more about that to come later... and not only did I score U2 tickets for the show in Chicago, but I also got Phish tickets today. The shows were selling out in minutes, so we were lucky. There's nothing like a summer concert, just don't get me started on the cell phones replacing lighters, or the people who try to record the entire concert by holding their phone or camera in the air... haha...
Last summer we saw Tom Petty (again!) and had super close seats right in the center. The other times I was back in the lawn, and as much as I usually enjoy it, there was a crazy thunderstorm during this last concert. Between the rain hitting the pavilion, the thunder and the noise of the crowd, the energy was amazing... everyone in the lawn was soaked. I was happy to be dry, I've had my share of concert rain. Ruined my favorite white shirt at an Ani concert that way- I had just died my hair red, and reds like to run... Back to the story: The lights and audio stopped a couple of times, and at one point we thought they were going to have to end the show, but they came back and put on a damn good performance.
For Phish, we have lawn seats which always proves to be an interesting experience... for any of you who have been to a Phish show, you know exactly what I mean. I was lucky enough to see them in Coventry, Vermont at their 'last' festival. The concert grounds flooded and we ended up camping on the thruway for almost 48 hours hoping we'd make it in. We did.
In September, we're flying to Chicago to see U2 and we're also going to see them play in Toronto (one night just isn't enough). They're playing stadiums for this tour so even though we might not be as close, the energy from the crowd will make for an amazing performance. I really can't wait. I've been waiting for summer all winter, and now I just want fall! xo

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How exciting to get tickets!