Mia, Where Have You Been?

"Gone Fishing" by Jenny Beth Photography

I'm so sorry to have disappeared again. I miss you, my humble little blog! And on our first anniversary, too! Where does the time go? Life has just been getting in the way, and I put some of the simple, enjoyable things on the back burner for a bit. I took some time off from working after the Holidays and then I played catch up for another month after that... I still have more new goodies to list in the shop, though I've been adding hair pins and earrings like a maniac and have a record 165 items in my etsy shop right now!

I learned some new things; Flame working at a local studio to make my own glass beads, and the tip of the iceberg that is PhotoShop! I'm excited to start using what I've learned to add new features to my blog and photographs. I also spent some time organizing the chaos that is my "studio", and also my home. I am a natural clutter freak, but I have a hard time focusing in an utter disaster. There is still plenty to be done there as well, believe me, but that will have to wait until my poor toe is feeling better! So finally, I spent the last month visiting the doctors and dentists that I have avoided for some time, joined a gym, and am working on just feeling better and being healthier! Spring always makes me happy, energetic and motivates my creativity... so here's to hoping for lots of sunny days!

I promise not to ignore you, blog. Though it may be unrealistic to say I will post 5 days a week (which then causes me to get overwhelmed and 'forget it' all together...) I do solemnly swear to post as frequently as possible, here and there, not because I have to... but because I enjoy it. Er, you, dear blog.
Love, Mia


Lola said...

Welcome back! ♥

PaperPumpkin said...

Yippee! Mia's back from...Fishing!

Mia said...

Thank You! ♥

Anonymous said...

Good to see you back miss!