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I'm working on organizing my desk and work space at the moment,
perhaps it will be good enough that I can actually post some photos!
I'm looking for a unique ribbon dispenser for my packing & shipping
table right now- Let me know if you find one! ♥
Oh, and while I'm doing some spring cleaning, I'll be listing
some overstock supplies I have in my destash shop too!
Love, Mia


PaperPumpkin said...

Oo-oo-ooh! Mia's pretty new things to share! Lots of to window shop. ♥

Lola said...

I found a practical ribbon dispenser.

Mia said...

Ooh, thank you Lola! That is nice! It would be perfect for the ribbons that don't fit into my wall rack in my paper studio. The problem I am having with the packaging ribbons, is that I buy them in bulk so the spools are HUGE! Like 8" or so in diameter, maybe something like a paper towel holder? That was horizontal so I could easily pull & cut? Might have to get on the pops to build me one! hehe! ♥

Nellie Corrine said...


Thanks so much for including one of my items on your lovely blog! That was very nice of you - I appreciate it.

I will definitely mark your blog to follow in the future.

Thanks again

Jill McD from Nellie Corrine